Email Notification - Not Receiving [RESOLVED]

Whenever there is a form submission I am not receiving any notification via email even know I have set this up. I tested to see if the submitted gets notification and they do. I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

See the following page of the documentation for troubleshooting steps:

went through that and everything checks out right. I think the issue is I have different email server that handles my emails for my domain. Is there any configuration settings you can provide that ca be used when the email servers is different than the server where the website is being hosted on?

Hi Ana. We can’t determine the settings you need for your email server and website. Gravity Forms hands the message to WordPress, and WordPress sends the message using whatever mail sending function you have configured for your site or web server. I recommend contacting your server support for assistance. Thank you.

thank you. I figured out what is happening. It is due to the fact that I am hosting the web on one server and the mail on a different server. As Gravity is reliant on WordPress to send email, WordPress uses the Web Host to send the email in which I am using Plesk to manage my webhosting where the email gets picked up by the webhost and tries to deliver it internally hence why it never reaches my actual mail server.

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