Forms are not being sent to my emails

I have Gravity Forms set up for 4 forms on my website. Each form has two different notifications (a confirmation to the client and the form information to the organization).

My organization is not receiving the form information, but we are bcc’d on the confirmation to the client, and we are receiving those.

The form responses were being sent to {admin_email}, however, over the past few days, they haven’t been sending. I’ve tried using different emails (including writing out the admin email and my personal email), double checked that the admin email works, created a new notification, etc. and I’m at a loss. I’ve chatted with Gmail and it’s nothing on their end.

So we’re getting one notification and not the other.

Hi @user5de9572c6f914982
Sorry for the trouble. Do you use any SMTP plugins? If not, follow this article to set up a 3rd party SMTP, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

Yes. I tried troubleshooting by using WP Email SMTP, but there was a limit of 25 emails per day that it was sending (but I was experiencing the same issues - not receiving certain emails). I am having the same issue as above with SendGrid - I am only receiving the confirmation emails that I am bcc’d on, not the form submissions.

Have you followed all the steps in this troubleshooting doc?

If you have and still need assistance, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.

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