GF Emails Not Received via Gmail


I was receiving notifications via Gmail just fine but then one day it stopped…

  • I have multiple addresses mapped to receive depending on the ‘location’ selected and all of those addresses are receiving just fine

  • From address is

  • When I attempt to change the admin email to the Gmail it in fact receives the notification from WP

Any suggestions is much appreciated

UPDATE: Tested a separate form (Elementor) and it sent immediately… I can only assume it is something directly with GF…?

Please see our troubleshooting steps here:

If you need assistance after reviewing that document, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.


Always coming in clutch and thanks for sharing the link…

I tried adding the gmail account in question into the BCC field which worked. So she doesn’t receive the initial notification but she does receive the blind copy… I get this may not be a direct GF issue but was hoping someone may have experienced the same issue.

I’ll check out the troubleshooting link and update here if I find something.



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