Parent form to manage updates

Hi, all- I have a form for customers to send in details of a project so we can provide a solution and estimate for them. I have one main form, and then a few versions of this form- all fields are the same, but they are branded for a specific company to use. So, no difference in the guts of the form, just in the notification/confirmation section. It all works fine.

When I want to make some changes to the form, however, I need to then go and make the same change to all the forms.

Is there a smarter way to do this? Can you have a parent form that would update the different versions but leave the branded components alone?

Thanks in advance


Hi Kate,

Could you describe the ‘branded components’ a bit more? If there is something that the user provides as input which allows you to use the conditional logic of confirmations and notifications, it could all be setup as one form.

Gravity Flow does have extensions for both parent/child forms and a Form Connector that allows you to map entry values to new entries between forms, but from first read through your scenario it wouldn’t address your key goal of less forms.

However, if the wider goal of the forms is to have that customer follow-up about the estimate, including approval, verifying requirements, making payment and final sign-off, Gravity Flow could be very useful item to support your business process.