Updating a field in the parent form from a nested form

Hi Everyone

I wonder if anyone has any advice for me on how to proceed. I have been using GF for about a year now but I just cannot seem to find a suitable solution for this scenario. I don’t code but rather use the variety of additional plugins from Gravity Flow, Gravity View and Gravity Perks.

The Scenario is as follows :

  1. I have a Parent Form which I use for my client to load a projects basic main details
  2. In the Parent Form i have 5 nested forms for the client to input details of the individual legs of the project as the take place in seperate cities.
  3. Once an individual nested form is completed (lets say nested form 1) it then goes on an approval worklow between my account manager and the client that completed the form.
  4. Once the parent form is submitted I use Easy passthrough to pass field data to the next form in the series which starts to ask more in depth questions about the project ( eg my next form after the project details is one where I request the upload of technical drawings for the project)

What I want to be able to do is pass the value from a field in the Nested form to the Parent Form before the Parent form is submitted in order for me to be able to transfer that data using Easy Passthrough from the the main form to the next main form.

Hope I am making sense.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


Hey Stephen, could you tell me more about what data you wanting to pass from the child form to the parent form and why? I’d love to see if we can figure out a solution to help here.

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Hi David

Thank you for your message. I have developed a series of forms which are used to plan an event for an event organisor. The purpose of each of these forms is to ask questions and get data related to that aspect of planning an event. For example . The first form is made up of a parent form which holds the general information relating to the entire project (ie information that is related to all the legs of the project ) and then 5 Nested forms which are there for the organisor to load information relative to each individual leg of the project ie where this leg of the event takes place.

So as a structure I have a MAIN form which contains 5 nested forms. Once they have submitted a nested form that form goes on an approval flow using GravityFlow and once the MAIN form is submitted I use Gravity Flow to send them the next form in the series called DRAWINGS.

What I was looking to do is to copy the fields from the nested form to hidden fields on the Main Parent form so that when I send the client the next form in the series I can copy all those details to the new form (Drawings Main) so the client doesn’t have to fill out the same fields they previously filled out before,

The reason I believe it’s neccessary to do this is so that I can use Gravityview to show the complete details of the progress of the submissions of all the projects of that form in one view to the client in order for them to be assessed and modified if necessary.

My solution so far is as follows

Gravity Forms and Gravity Wiz features to create the forms and control the data. I am using multiple perks along with Gravity Forms. I then use Gravity Flow for the approval and assessment of the data from the nested forms.
I use easy passthrough to populate one nested form to the next main form and I use the forms submission step of gravity flow to move the data from the Project Details Main form to the Drawings Main form. In this way the Drawings Main form contains all the data from the Project Main form and all it’s nested forms.

Your comments and suggestions of a simpler way is highly appreciated.

Hi Stephen,

That is an ambitious and interesting project. A couple potential suggestions for approach:

  • If your nested form entries already have Gravity Flows attached to them - take a look at the Form Connector extension and it’s Update an Entry step in particular.. If the nested entries have the entry ID of their parent, it should be relatively straight forward to field map the data back to the main form.

  • Regarding suggestions of a simpler way - It may be possible to map all that data between forms, but it will also lead to a large database as your # of events grows. You might want to look at setting up some custom merge tags that might have the sub-form entry ID as parameter. In that way any Gravity View field (or separate form HTML field) could use {nested_form_3:entry_id=77} to display a table of its’ data or the appropriate subset as additional parameter. Or perhaps there is a way to customize the {all_fields} merge tag to be able to pass it a specific form/entry_id to customize.


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