Creating Nested Forms Using Gravity Flow Form Connector


I have two expense forms with two nested forms each. One is for trips/mileage, the other is for regular expenses. The first form is for clients and the other is for employees. Everything works fine but now I would like to create a third form that allows an admin to submit expenses on behalf of either a client or an employee.

I can program it but since we have Gravity Flow and the form connector I thought I might be able to save some time and use them to do it. My question is: when the third form is submitted, can I created new entries for the nested forms from the parent form flow or do I have to write flows for the individual nested forms?


Hi @ld02digital,

Assuming the trips/mileage form and regular expenses forms are the same between client, employee, using the Form Connector can definitely help, but the first approach I’d suggest would not involve creating a 3rd form for admins, but tweaking the existing ones to allow admins to submit on behalf of. On the client and employee form:

  • Add a single text field and use the dynamically populating user role (related Forms Help Doc) to get the user role.
  • Add a User dropdown field from Gravity Flow’s workflow fields section. Set it to populate with the right user type (employee / client) and the conditional logic to only display if the first field has a role of ‘Administrator’.
  • Create a Form Connector - Update Fields step with conditional logic to only perform when the first field is ‘Administrator’. For the field mappings, as you can’t use the {user} merge tag (b/c it relates directly to the logged in user, you probably would be best to use the gravityflowformconnector_update_field_values to update all fields you currently have populating from the active employee/client from the selected user from field #2.
  • At that point, all the existing notifications, workflow steps you have setup would work as if the original client/employee had submitted.

If there were reasons for your use case / requirements why the separate admin form makes sense, there are ways that you can do it with the Form Connector to update both the admin submitted entry, the newly created employee/client entry, and possibly the child entries that “move” between them. If this is the path you do want to take, reach out to our amazing support team and after clarifying a bit more about the setup needed we can help you put together something that fits your Flow.


Thank you. You are correct that she is only submitting for one user at a time this way. I’ve done it they way you’re suggesting programatically with other forms before we had Gravity Flow but I was hoping that my boss could do this through a single form instead of multiple ones as we already have 4 different expense forms and it would be simpler for her to be able to submit on behalf of a user from a single form rather than having to go to the individual forms.

I will think about it but will probably be in touch with support.

Thank, again!