One form multiple users?

I’m creating one form with multiple users. Each of my employees will use this form to collect data from potential clients. When a client submits the form, I want only that employee to see their clients data or receive that data via email.

Is it possible to have one form and have multiple users? How do I administrate this within the form?

We will also be using this form for affiliates. Is there a way that we can have affiliates using the form with all of the data being sent to an admin while showing us what affiliate referred us a client?

Hi @Zac,

Depending on how you manage the employee-to-client association, the email routing in Gravity Forms may be able to provide what you need for receiving via email. If you want require the employee to do something with the entry after it has been received, Gravity Flow would be a very good add-on to take a look at. The Inbox and Status Blocks can let assignees see only the entries requiring their action or submitters see only their previous entries and status. Take a look at Creating a User Input step as an example where the employee could then add/modify additional fields on the entry that the client never sees on initial form.

For the affiliates questions, it also depends on how you define that data/relationship. For example, using a Gravity Flow user field that is hidden and pre-populated based on the affiliate (by user login?) would then mean you could build a separate status page (or Gravity View?) to show the affiliate their subset.


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