Gravity Flow question using User Workflow field

I am testing a form that uses Gravity Flow and has two User Input steps. The Gravity Form contains a User Workflow field.

User Step #1 sends an assignee email to the user selected in the form’s User Workflow field. That assignee email is sent, no problem, but when the next step is executed, the assignee email is not sent. It’s important to note that this only happens when the user selected in the User Workflow field is NOT me. If it is me, the assignee email in User Step #2 is sent.

The behavior is strange and I can’t figure out why. I’m wondering if anyone has experience using the User Workflow field in their forms and can give me some suggestions on how to use it.


Also, I’m using an email logger to verify the emails being sent

Hi Margaret,

Please submit a Gravity Flow Support Request and we would be happy to help troubleshoot what is causing this unexpected behaviour for you. If you can activate the Gravity Forms logging for Flow and execute the step which is not having the assignee notifications sent, attaching that to the ticket would be a good help to investigate.


Hi Jamie,

Thanks so much for letting me know about the logging option. I’ve been trying to get this issue resolved for the last 3 to 4 weeks and posted Flow support requests a couple of times. The support person did not suggest using logging. He did request a print of the flow from the entry screen, but I see the log provides much more detail.

I’m attaching the logs here in the hopes that I can get this resolved through this channel.

(Attachment gravity-forms-core-20220919.txt is missing)

(Attachment gravity-flow-20220919.txt is missing)

Hi Jamie,

I received a msg saying my .txt attachments were not allowed.

I saved the logs as .docx and submitted a new request at Gravity Flow. Would it be possible for you to follow up there? I’d very much appreciate it.

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