Survey by email after 24h hours after submission

Hi everyone,
I need to automate the following procedure.

Every time a user fills out a form I would like to send a link with a survey to his email address after a set time interval (like 24h for example) to request feedback to the user on his experience.

How do you advise me to manage everything?
thank you

For a “no code” solution, you can give a look at the plugin GP Notification Scheduler by Gravity Wiz.

Hi Francesco!

For a follow-up survey like that, Gravity Flow would be an excellent option to consider! A few links to help you jump start your setup:

  • You can schedule any step in a workflow to trigger based on date, date field or other values.
  • A User Input Step gives you a lot of flexibility to define who should fill out the survey (a WordPress user, role or email field of the form) as well as what fields the user must complete. If you set your survey fields to be administrative visibility they will not be part of the initial form submit, but then you can define them as required during the user input step.
  • If the user is only going to be submitting 1-2 forms, the notifications which are a part of the user input step would be the way to go - it also includes reminder options (send X days after step starts and every Y days thereafter) until they complete the step.
  • Otherwise we have both Shortcode and Blocks that let you display an Inbox Page that lists the entries where the logged in user is currently an assignee on an entry. As they complete their tasks, the inbox will always be up to date with only the remaining tasks.


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