Send reminder if user hasn't clicked a link in notification email


In one of my forms I include a link in the submission notification that leads the user to another step they need to complete for a program I am putting together. I am looking for a way to send reminder emails to those who haven’t clicked on the link in the submission notification. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? Any work arounds/add-ons that could help?


You can use gravity flows update entry step to add data to the second form upon the submission of the first form. Then create a workflow step setting in the second form which triggers conditionally if the form progress is not complete and within a given time range.

This would require Gravity Flow

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Dere provided some solid details about how Gravity Flow could help on the integration aspect.

Any of the steps that involve user interaction (Approval and User Input being the most common) have an option that their assignee notifications can trigger reminders (X days after the step starts and then every Y days thereafter). From your write-up, I would think the reminders set with a one-click approval link in the notification would be a good approach to look at.