Send a notification to a previously submitted record, if referred

I have a form with:

  • Login (textfield, unique, mandatory)
  • Email - (email, mandatory)
  • Referrer (textfield)

I want that an email notification is sent to the Referrer’s email, if and when a form is submitted with the referrer field filled and the referrer input is valid.
Is that possible? How?
Thank you in avance.


It is very possible. Using Gravity Flow with its’ Form Connector extension to Update Fields step would let you go from Referrer text input to referrer email within the 2nd form. Then, using conditional logic on a notification step to determine if the email should be sent to the referrer based on if the email field is blank or not.

There is a fair amount of overlap in what you are seeking to do and the recap which I put together in this post about using multiple forms together you might want to check out.

Although more code required, you could use gform_after_submission filter and gform_field_validation and the GFAPI to search/update in a similar though less versatile fashion.


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