Save and continue - Email reminders?

Hi All,

Is there a way in which to re-send or remind a non-logged in form submitter to complete their entry after they have used the Save and continue function? I am using GravityFlow to assign a user input step to an email address which is defined in a previous linked form.

I have a GF Pro licence as well as GravityFlow, although I cant justify the partial-entries-addon for this task.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Liam,

If you already have a user input step configured, within the assignee notification setting there is an option to ‘Send Reminder’ which can be setup to occur after X days (once) and then repeat every Y days thereafter. That setting is available on approval steps and should be for any other involving user-driven interaction.


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the response.

I already have the email reminders in place for my user input and approval step which works fine and reminds the user that the workflow step is waiting on them to complete.

Here’s how my forms are set up:
Form 1 - Completed by us (we define the assignee email address to send form 2 to)
Form 2 - Completed by customer (forms are linked and fields are mapped with Form connector)

The customer fills out form 2 which when completed jumps to the approval step for us to verity the information provided, if rejected it jumps back to the user input step.

However, as I said above if a user chooses to save and continue in the inital form (before the user input) then there appears to be no way to re-send the save and continue email.

Is there a way to do this or any ideas?



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Hi there guys,


I’m wondering if there is also a way to do this with partials. We have just started using partials and not capturing all the data we want and the user just falls off.
I’ve seen it with many apps, for example ‘Please complete your account details’.
Is there a way to show something to the user when they login to ‘Continue registration’ or along those lines with the partial add-on?


That’s a good idea Joshua! With the Gravity Forms Partials add-on, Gravity Flow will have a step type activated which lets you build that type of drip/catch notification engagement. See our Gravity Flow Partial Entries Step Type docs for a good setup example.

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You might be able to use the gform_incomplete_submission_post_save trigger to hook up to some sort of reminder/cron to achieve the same effect as the partial entries. Would focus on ways to ensure that didn’t lead to creation of duplicates if the user then comes back and does the continue part of their existing form attempt.