Looking to hire someone to customize custom Gravity Form

Our non-profit has a very customized Gravity form that allows for families to sign up to become a “Hope Advocate.” During the sign up process they upload photos and make personalized “photo cards.” There are integrations with mail chimp as well. I would like customers to receive a reminder email one year after they signed up that would allow them to create new photo cards (while the original ones staying in the backend somehow) and also make any edits to information that included when originally signing up (address, etc) then check out and pay for these new cards just as they new now. Then every year on the date of the original sign up I’d like them to be able to do the same thing. In theory how I see this working is:

Customer gets an email one year after originally signing up. The text of the email thanks them for singing up, and asks them to “click here” to create new photo cards and update their info." They click the link and see a one screen page with a few files from their original form. They can click “yes” this is still correct or “no, I need to update my info.” They either go to the next screen (where they recreate new photo cards) or the screen where they make edits then go to the screen to make photo cards. Then check out."

You can view the sign up form at https://hopestory.org/sign-up

Hi Rick,

If you (or someone at the non-profit) has created the customized Gravity Form, you may be able to continue to do the setup yourself by adding Gravity Flow to your site. A couple links that may help you jump start that effort are below.

Or, if you do require and find a developer to assist, the links above may be just as useful of a guide for them to help you build a solid solution.


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