Search and recover data entries [RESOLVED]

Before acquiring gravity I would like to know if it serves the needs of my project.

I want to manage the clients of my business (in person, NOT online). Once registered in a database (that’s easy) I want - when they return to my service - enter their identification card number (or their last name) and recover the data found in my form and finish filling in the form with new data for new service requests.
I do not know if I have explained myself enough for you to give me an answer.


Hi Isma,

The simplest approach would be to leverage the Save & Continue feature of Gravity Forms. Your staff (in person) would populate the form with as much detail as the person provides along with their email address. The notification which sends out upon saving would provide them a link to directly access and continue. It wouldn’t create a user in the system, for that you’d want to look at the User Registration add-on and customizing what the login is to match your ID card values.

You may also find Gravity Flow’s user input step. in particular as a way to simplify the customer completion journey. It provides options for both email assignee and WP users to continue the form submission as a step in a workflow. It can be very helpful for breaking a larger sales process down into a series of steps and uses conditional logic based on field values or step statuses to determine which parts customers do (or don’t) need to complete.


Thank you.