Multiple registrations from one form

I have a registration form for a tennis club where members can add multiple people.
Can I have all of them register at the same time from one form? using User Registration feeds.
for instance
user 1-name etc
user 2-name, etc
pass to registration feed and
have two new users added?

Hello Wojtek. This is not currently a feature of the User Registration Add-On. However, I am going to leave this open, because there are sometimes ways to accomplish things like this as a customization, with additional code or possibly an add-on.

You should be able to accomplish something like this with Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms: Gravity Forms Nested Forms | Gravity Forms Repeater Add-on by Gravity Wiz

I don’t know how - need to research it, if you can offer a suggestion, I much appreciate it. Thnx

Absolutely! The Gravity Flow Parent/Child extension lets you combine multiple form submissions into one page experience, and the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on feed can process against each member registered in that way.

I’ve put together a quick video for you that includes the user experience on the front-end as well as how the feed/workflow and parent/child relationships are established between forms. Hopefully it gives you a sense of how well Gravity Flow and its’ extensions could help you solve your project requirements. Apologies for the horrific attempt at spelling with Novak Djokovic in my demo content :stuck_out_tongue:


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Absolutely outstanding! Thanks Jamie,

I will look into this.