Notifications — Any new ways to reduce permutations based on form content?

Hey all. Hope your day is great.
I am revisiting a Gravity Form I made 10 years ago — an Email Signature Generator — which has 16 Notifications in its current iteration. Each of these notifications uses Conditional Logic, based on user choices and entries.

The notifications send the user an email, including a properly branded and formatted HTML email signature, which they can copy and paste into their GSuite account.

In the new version, I am adding some additional optional details, which of course increases the volume of permutations for Notifications.

Before I dive in, I wanted to ask if there are any wise ideas for doing this in the latest version of GF, or if the tried and true pile of notifications with conditional logic continues to be the way to go in this use case.

Please lend your thoughts!
Make it a great day.

For evaluating more complex logic, you may want to do so programmatically by hooking to the filter gform_notification.

I’ve gone that approach on a few forms, just thought I’d see if there were any new bells and whistles I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t considered. Thank you for weighing in! Make it a great day.

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