Comparing multiple fields in Conditional Logic

Hello! I have a form that asks for a response to 20 questions. The questions are divided into 4 categories - providing a score for each category based on the individual’s responses to the questions (in a number field right now). So, I end up with a calculated amount for each category (i.e., Quadrant 1 = x; Quadrant 2 = y; etc.).

I need to be able to compare the 4 values and send a notification based upon the highest score (e.g., if Quadrant 3’s score is the highest of the 4 quadrants, then a notification is sent specific to Quadrant 3).

How do I set up the conditional logic for notifications to accomplish this?

You can use the gform_notification filter to compare the scores and send the proper notification (or change the TO address based on your comparison result.)

You will need to come up with the PHP yourself to compare your four scores and determine which is the highest quadrant so that you can change the notification based on that information.