How to use prior submissions to populate or disable form fields

Hey guys. Here’s the simplified situation:
We are setting up a volunteer sign-up form. We need 2 people to bring a main dish, 2 people to bring drinks and 2 people to bring dessert.
On the web form, for the main dish, we’ll have 2 name fields.
Say John signs up for one of the main dish positions and submits the form, then Jane comes to the site, I want one of the main dish fields to be either not available or filled with John’s name. This will avoid duplicate submissions and overfed patrons. :wink:
Any suggestions?


A couple approaches that could work well for you:

  • If anyone who is signed in can edit the event form, using GravityView to let the users put their name into the appropriate fields and save the updated event entry. There is a “risk” that when Tammy gets there and see’s Peggy has already listed her potato salad and Cameron his coleslaw for sides, she could still change things so that she gets to bring her tasty tater tot casserole.

  • If you want to have more control over the process, setting things up as 2 forms. One that lists the needs, and a second that people submit what they want to bring. Then, using Gravity Flow and both its’ approval step type (to confirm that Tammy’s tater tots doesn’t get accepted if Trent is already bringing a potato side dish) along with the Form Connector Update an Entry that would use conditional logic to update each dish position so the main form results list who is bringing what.

  • In both cases, gform_field_validation filter may be a good one to look at for ensuring type/number of entries don’t overlap before someone goes to start buying ingredients.


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This is the best reply ever. I’m struggling to find an appropriate gif, but I have not yet given up.


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