Updating List Field entry on one form through submission of another form

We are using gravity forms as the front end of a COVID-19 emergency food delivery site. I have a problem that I am hoping this community can give me some insight into.

Currently, we send form data from a form called “Confirm Volunteer Opportunity” to Airtable as our working collaborative database. When someone signs up to deliver emergency food, their information is passed into Airtable, and the status changes to confirmed. The delivery IDs are passed in by a List Field populated from a custom “shopping cart.”

In order to stop people from overwriting each other’s deliveries, I checked the “No Duplicates” box on the List Field so that if someone had already submitted that delivery ID, someone else can’t overwrite it. However, in the case of that driver needing to cancel, we want to send that delivery back into the pool of available deliveries for another volunteer to take. Obviously, there’s a major issue: with “No Duplicates” turned on, no one else can submit that ID in the List Field.

The technique we are thinking of using is to create a “Cancel Delivery” form that not only updates Airtable (which we have handled), but also UPDATES the entry in the “Confirm Volunteer Opportunity” form, removing that particular List Item from the List Field entry so that another person could submit it.

Does anyone have experience using one form submission to update the entry data of another form, and in this case, a List Item in a List Field on another form?

I apologize if there’s redundancy here to what someone has already done. I searched before I posted, and could not find any examples of what I am attempting to do.

We have already powered over 24,000 deliveries of emergency food response, and this breakthrough would be a gamechanger that could increase our capacity 2 to 3 times.

Thank you in advance!

You might be able to achieve this using https://gravityflow.io/downloads/form-connector/
see also: https://docs.gravityflow.io/article/79-form-connector
You can update form entries based on the Gravity Forms entry id.

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