Update client CRM details, via Zapier, only after successful payment

We’re using the Gravity Forms for user sign ups, and taking payment via the Form as well (via the Paygate add-on).
We have automated sending new form submission details to a CRM (Trainerize) via Zapier, but we want to customise so that only form submissions with “Payment Status: Approved” are sent to the CRM.

When I use the Filter, to filter for the Payment Status, it always fails, because the payment is submitted after the form is submitted. This means that regardless of whether the payment is successful or not, the Payment Status on Form Submission always says “Processing”, because at the time the form was submitted, the payment hasn’t yet been completed.

We’ve tried using Delays, but that doesn’t solve this, because it still looks at the same form data from when the form was submitted.

We tried putting the Form Submission data in a Zapier table, to save the info, in order to introduce a step to check payment status on this Entry ID, but it doesn’t seem like the Payment Status can be queried.

When payment is successful, users get redirected to a Thank You page - it doesn’t seem like “page load” for a specific URL can trigger a zap?

Any insight is appreciated.

Hi, Debbie.

Just to confirm, the users get redirected to the thank you page after the payment status is changed from pending to successful, correct?

If that’s the case, with custom code, you can keep the form details in an array and then send that information to Zapier after the user is redirected to the thank you page.

That may possibly require a custom integration solution with Zapier.

Hi Debbie,

It isn’t clear from the product page for the Paygate add-on if it is creating a feed to process after submission.

But assuming that is the case, Gravity Flow does give you granular control over how different feeds (as steps) are handled without code following submission. It also has default settings that you can adjust for what should happen in each of their “success” vs “failure” scenarios. As long as there aren’t any interactive steps that attempt to process in the workflow (user input or approval as example) the user would get routed to the correct confirmation/redirection page.

If you need a little more control via code, the combination of gravityflow_step_is_condition_met and gravityflow_next_step

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