Send notification only once user is returned from payment gateway


I need the user to submit the form, which is redirected (together with the required hidden variables) to a payment gateway. Once the user completes their payment details they should be redirected to a Thanks page. Only if/when they get to the Thanks page should the notifictaion be sent confirming payment etc…

How best to do this in GF?

Are you using the Confirmation Redirect to send them to your payment gateway? If so, it’s too late to use the Gravity Forms Notification.

I am using Confirmation Redirect. Is there another way I can redirect the user to the payment gateway?

If not, is there a way I can programmatically submit a given notification? Im needing to generate an email and a dynamic pdf once payment has been successful. I can write it in php but Id rather keep it within GF/GF PDF if possible as it seems a ‘cleaner’ way of doing things.

The notification happens before the confirmation, so it’s too late to send a notification when you are redirecting them in the confirmation. You will need to send another type of notification to them, NOT one from Gravity Forms.

Or, you can use the Gravity Forms API function to send notifications after they are returned to your site:

It’s going to require some customization though, to get the information you need into the entry, then into the notification, and then to trigger that when the visitor returns to your site after payment.

Thanks Chris.
As you say, Im going to need to update the entry if/when the user is redirected back so as to change a ‘payment complete’ value, and send the notification with the generated pdfs.

I see GF have Payment Add-On Events, which look to be what Im after. BUT its only available for PayPal, Authorize.Net and Stripe. The client is using Pay360.

I feel Im going to have to do all of this (pdf compiling, generated emails, updating db) outside of GF. :frowning:

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