Add Payment Status to Admin Notification

Is there a way to add the PayPal payment status to a user notification or does the email get sent too quickly?

Just need some way of advising someone if they don’t actually pay after being redirected to PayPal.


Hello. Take a look at this documentation for some additional merge tags you can use in the notifications:

Note that you will need to change the Notification Event on the drop down from the default Form is submitted to Payment Completed.

Let us know if that works for you or if you have any other question about how this works.

Yes – I stumbled over that article yesterday.
I tried it but think it didn’t work because we switched back to Event – Form Submitted.
Has to be an Addon Event – but I don’t think any of the Events are what we want – “PayPal Payment Not Completed” (doesn’t exist)!

I have put in a topic at the GF community so will see how that goes.

Cheers, and thanks

Sorry, I missed that critical part. I don’t know of a way to do that. The payment status is set to processing immediately after the form is submitted, before the visitor is redirected to PayPal for payment. The payment status will stay Processing until the site is notified of a payment. No other event occurs after that. PayPal does not notify your site if someone abandons the checkout.

You may be able to code something that checks for entries that were created X hours ago, with a payment status of Processing, and send a notification based on that. It won’t be a feature that exists in Gravity Forms but could be accomplished as a customization.

Let us know if you get any other ideas. Thank you.

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