Payment status keep as "processing" but actually the transaction has been made successfully

Hi everyone, the problem is that the gravity form plugin keep showing all the payment status as “processing” as the picture shown below. However, after checking PayPal, those transaction have been made successfully and the status should be “paid” instead.

I tried to contact PayPal but they stated that it’s not their problem after checking. I need to ask Gravity Form side. More unfortunate is that I forgot the login and password for my gravity form account so that I can’t ask the support directly but really want to figure it out in this forum. Thanks for your help.


Hi Kirk. When the payment status remains Processing on the website, but the money has arrived in your PayPal account, that means that PayPal was not able to deliver the IPN (instant payment notification) to the site, so the payment status is never updated to Paid.

I recommend contacting Gravity Forms here (without a license or login):

Explain the situation about your login information and they will be able to help you figure out the login or license information.

In order to test this, we need to see what’s going on behind the scenes with Gravity Forms, which means we need Gravity Forms logging enabled.

Please enable logging by going to Forms > Settings > Logging. Select: On, then [Save Settings]. By default this will enable all logging on your site. Documentation for Enabling Logging: Logging and Debugging - Gravity Forms Documentation

After enabling logging, please test the form.

Then, contact Gravity Forms using the contact us page page and we’ll go from there with the next steps. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your advice. We enable the logging already. But for the PayPal IPN part, we contacted PayPal before and confirm the IPN set correctly which is : https://“website domain”/?page=gf_paypal_ipn. And for the contact us page, actually I send the request around two weeks ago but didn’t receive any reply. How long does it take to answer my question usually?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Kirk. It does not take that long, normally less than a day for the contact us replies. What email address did you use? Is it the same at the one attached to your account here?


If so, I can look for the ticket for you.