IPN Notification from PayPal failing


Recently, the IPN from PayPal is not sending so my payments are stuck at Processing in my form but they are paid in PayPal.

I updated the IPN URL and it still doesn’t seem to working.

Which PayPal add-on are you using?

Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On

Does the PayPal email address added to the feed in the Form Settings > PayPal area of the form match the primary email address on the PayPal account? If not, the IPN message will fail validation, so it won’t be processed.

I believe the primary email is correct/same on the form settings and on our PayPal account.

The next step would be to enable logging, wait for an IPN to be sent to the site, then check the logs to see if it was received and how it was processed.

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There doesn’t appear to be any logs from PayPal Add-On

The log will only be created when a new IPN is received or there is a new form submission.

Here is the log: