Redirect Payment Page after Submission - Option to Edit Submission Prior to Payment

We are planning to use Zoho Subscriptions with Gravity Forms in the near future. The customer will first make all their product selection and fill out all their information in a gravity form. Once the form is submitted, we will create and redirect the customer to a hosted payment page for the subscription where the customer can enter payment info and submit. This works well if the customer does not need to update any of the information they specified on the gravity form. However, I’m trying to figure out what to do if the customer fills out their info on the gravity form, is redirected to the payment page, and then clicks “Back” because they want to update some of their information from the gravity form. Is there any way to show them their exact submission but with the option to update all their data?

Using the browser back button after submission is not supported. What happens when you click the back button is something only the browser controls, most of them will simply repeat the last HTTP request (the form submission), others will simply reload the page. Some of them ask you to confirm the re-submission, others not. We don’t support overriding the browser behavior in any situation.


Thank you for the helpful information. So it’s best for us to have some sort of custom button where if the customer clicks that during the checkout/payment page, it loads the form again but pre-populates all the fields from the last submission?

You’re welcome Mikhail,

I never used Zoho Subscriptions so I don’t know if you can create that button in their payment page. But if you can create a link with a query string, you could use it to populate the form using dynamic population, please see this documentation:

Note that assuming you can create the link, after clicking the link and landing on the form, the user would be submitting a new entry, not editing the previous submission.

If you can create that custom button/link, having the URL it sends them to be related to a Gravity Flow User Input step would be a pretty ideal approach. The only values you’d need to know are either a WP user ID or email field value along with the entry ID and a page with the Inbox block/shortcode on it.

How does your initial form submission and Zoho subscription integration work?
If it’s a feed (via plugin?) the Gravity Flow step framework to have that be performed after the user input step completes should be relatively straight forward.


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