Send feed to Zapier only when Paypal payment received - Is this still possible?

Hi everyone, I manage a site with Paypal Standard and Zapier GF plugins.

Previously, (with the now legacy zapier feed structure) there was an option in the Paypal Feed settings to only fire the Zapier feed once payment had been received (image below) - ie the zapier feed only fired once there was successful payment notification from the paypal IPN, rather than as soon as the form was submitted. This meant that we could integrate zapier actions only on successful payment confirmation.

I’ve had to update several of these feeds to the newer API based Zapier 4.0 feed structure, and this option has disappeared from the Paypal settings.

Is there something I am missing or is there another way to only have the data pass to Zapier on successful payment confirmation?

Any advise much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Steve. This is a good question. I recommend opening a support ticket here for the issue:

Thank you.

Hi Steve, I am looking for this answer as well. For the time being though you can use a Filter within Zapier to only allow the zap to go to the next step if that is met (ie. if the Payment Status is “Paid” or something of that sort). It will still send to Zapier, but this would just prevent the next action from happening unless the condition is met.

Thanks for the reply Chris.

Our GF install and license is managed by our webdevs so will try and get them to raise a ticket.


Thanks presto, yes I saw this in Zapier and will explore further.

I wasn’t sure how this would work in the zap workflow - ie I presume there will be an initial transfer from GF → Zapier as soon as the form is submitted which (at that stage) would have the payment status as Pending, which would be ignored by the filter, but will this then automatically update via the API and drop through the filter once status is Paid (when IPN is received from Paypal) ( ie only one ‘zap’ would be processed) or would there somehow need to be a second GF → Zapier transfer to initiate this once the status is paid (triggering a second zap that would then progress through the filter)?

Still getting my head around the new API process compared to the old webhooks. If you have any success with the above let me know, I’ll try and play with this more today and see how it reacts.


Hi Steve (and Presto),

You may want to take a look at how Gravity Flow integrates with the Gravity Forms Zapier add-on to provide a step/workflow based approach after the initial entry is submit. The response status from one zap could determine what subsequent steps are/not taken similar to how you can set conditional logic to show/hide individual fields. See our docs on setting up workflow branches which can be based on field values, status of previous workflow steps and much more. Or there are filters such as gravityflow_step_is_condition_met for a more code-oriented determination.