Delayed Feeds (Zapier, etc) don't function when using mutiple conditional payment add ons [RESOLVED]


I have a form set up that uses conditional payment feeds (Stripe, Paypal) based on which payment method the user selects.

The Stripe and Paypal feeds are configured to be conditional based on the selection of a payment method field.

I then want to send the data to Zapier using a Zapier feed after a successful payment. I have followed the instructions here to setup my zapier feed to be “Delayed” until after payment processing: How to Add Delayed Payment Support to a Feed Add-On - Gravity Forms

When I go to my Paypal feed settings, I see the checkbox that allows me to delay the zapier feed. However, when I got to the Stripe settings, the ability to delay the zapier feed isn’t there.

If I disable the paypal feed, I then have the option to delay the Zapier feed on my Stripe settings.

Any advice?


Ok, I managed to track this down. The Stripe delayed feed setting is only available when using Stripe’s hosted checkout and when there isn’t a Credit Card field on the form. Removing the CC field from my form made the delayed checkout option appear under “Feeds.” Hope this helps someone in the future!

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Thank you for sharing that. I’ll see if we need to update our documentation to match your experience.