How to combine stripe payment with paypal payment


I want to offer paypal, creditcard, google pay and apple pay to my customers. I can use stripe for CC, GP and AP but Paypal can’t be used with the stripe-addon.

I added the Paypal add-on to Gravity forms but I’m not able to combine both payment options. Because once I insert the Paypal payment field I get the following message:

“PayPal Checkout is enabled for your form. Your customer can pay with the PayPal Smart Payment Buttons which replaces the Submit button of your form.”

This means my stripe payment options are not available anymore because the submit button is missing.

How can I combine the Paypal add-on and stripe add-on in the same form?


Both the Stripe and PayPal Checkout add-ons can be used with the same form.

You’ll need a field, such as a radio button field, offering Stripe or PayPal as the choices.

You would then configure the conditional logic settings in the following locations, based on the choice selected for the above field:

  • On the Stripe field in the form editor
  • On the PayPal field in the form editor
  • On the feed in the Form Settings > Stripe area
  • On the feed in the Form Settings > PayPal Checkout area

With all that configured, PayPal Checkout will only replace the submit button when it is the selected payment method.

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