Two payments options on a form [RESOLVED]

I am looking for a form system for WordPress and I am going through the entire Gravity Forms site.
I would like to do this: A payment form with two options:

  • Payment by Paypal (or Stripe)
  • Payment by transfer to a bank account because my client has a lot of participants who refuse online payments.
    I would like to have before the submit button a radio button field, with 2 possibilities:
  • Paypal (and then redirect to Paypal when submitting the form)
  • Bank transfer (and there, when submitting the form, save the form then send an email with the bank details)
    Is it possible to provide this on a single form? And how ? In your examples I cannot find anything … I wonder if it is possible to change “action = …” url according to the option checked above. Or a dynamic form action, depending on the choices made.
    Thank you for your guidance and your help.

Ok, I found :

Thanks …

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Hello Jean-Pol. Does that help solve you issue? That is the way to do it, with one form and conditional logic to determine the correct confirmation, or use multiple payment add-ons.

Thanks ! Yes, this solve my issue.

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