Stripe and Apple Pay

Hi all,

I was curious if there was a way to add Apple Pay/Google Pay as an option within the Gravity Forms Stripe plugin. If not, are there any plans to add this functionality in the future?


We have plans to incorporate Apple Pay into the Stripe add-on before an EU regulation takes effect in mid-September. There are currently no plans to incorporate Google Pay at this time but it is on our list of requested features. Thank you for your interest.

HI Chris
Sorry to piggyback on this post but is there any timescale for the SCA compliance being added to the plugin?

It will be included in the Stripe add-on before the mid-September deadline.

Hey Chris,

I’ve had a lot of requests from my team about this. Is there a beta version where it would be possible to test apple pay?


There is no beta at this time. If one becomes available I will be sure to share it.

Did we get the Apple Pay feature yet!!

I was wondering the same. This thread shows that Apple Pay would be available last year, but I don’t see documentation for it. Is it available?

The Stripe Add-On when using the Stripe Checkout payment method supports Apple Pay and 3D Secure: (#3 in that payment method section.)

Thanks Chris. I see that option now. Unfortunately, I have to use the Stripe Credit Card Field option and not the Stripe Checkout. Do you know if it’s possible to enable Stripe Checkout on only one form and let my other forms use the Credit Card field?

The collection method is set on a per-site basis, so it’s not currently possible to use Stripe Checkout and Stripe Card on different forms on the same site. Thank you.