Stripe Add-on & SCA [RESOLVED]

We received an email from Stripe regarding Strong Customer Authentication, which will be implemented from the 14th of September.

Does anything need to change with how Stripe is used within a Gravity Form?

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Hello everyone, Gravity Forms team,

I bump this topic because we have once again been warned by Stripe today that SCA will come into effect on September 14th.

As far as I know this (namely 3D secure) is still not implemented in GF ?

We need quick and definitive answers from you guys : Are you working on it ? Will it be ready at least 1 or 2 months before hand (July/August 14th) to allow for ample testing on our side ?

I have several clients’ installations depending on the stripe add-on and I cannot afford to have all of them not functioning from one day to the other. I would have to consider another solution and go away from GF entirely, which would really bum me out :cry:

Thank you very much for your answers !


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Thanks for adding to the discussion - it would be nice to get a response about this. We have a plan b where we can accept PayPal Pro instead of Stripe, but we really don’t want to.

To get an official response, I recommend contacting Gravity Forms support here:

The short answer is: 3D Secure / SCA will be implemented in the Stripe add-on before it is required. No date is set for that implementation at this time.

Awesome, that’s great to hear and all I needed to know.

Sorry for the delay, been swamped.

I got a response from support on june 13 :

Hi Jeb,

The development team have this on their high priority feature request list, but we would not be able to provide an ETA at this time. We do however anticipate this being ready sometime before the the mid-September deadline.



That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing.

Hello Gravity Forms Team,
any update re’ the ETA for the Stripe Add-on featuring SCA?

No update, but it is in active development and we’re aware of the deadline and the interest.

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Does the Stripe Card Field ok with SCA ?

Please see the SCA update note in this article:

Would it be possible to provide a little more detail than “it will be ready by 14th Sept”?

Right now I have no sense at all if this is going to be a simple “upgrade and it works” type thing, or a “upgrade, reconfigure, test” type thing.

I have multiple clients for whom this is an issue. With less than a month to go and no sense of what will be required to implement this is starting to feel very uncomfortable.

We understand your concerns and are working diligently to make this happen as quickly as possible. We don’t have a better target date at this point.

Is version 2.9 ready for SCA or not yet ? Or will it be a next version ?

The due date 14th september is closing up, we need to get a answer when and if you can release a update to comply with the new SCA rules. It’s very unhelpful and unprofessional to let your customers wait until in the end and not realase any information on the progress and planned release date. We need time to plan and implement the update if we are going to make it in time.

I am also very concerned about this so would definitely appreciate an update! Thanks, Tom

Not sure if this affects you guys above but in the UK we have been given an 18 month phase in period for SCA, so although we’re still looking forward to the update very soon, it doesn’t appear to be as imperative for us;

If any customer would like an official answer, please submit a support ticket:

The Stripe add-on v3.0 was released on Sept 4, 2019 which addresses the SCA/PSD2 concerns:

If you notice any issues with the release, please open a support ticket here: