Continued Failure of Payments to Stripe Because of 3D Secure

I’ve been having issues now for over a month with trying to get payments processed through my Gravity Forms w/ Stripe Add-on to take payments from clients on invoices.

This has been working fine up until clients attempted to make a payment through the form and apparently their credit card issuing bank is participating in the 3D Secure program.

The challenge is the client makes the payment on my secure online form ( and receives a successful confirmation message for the transaction.

But when I go to review the TRX in Stripe it comes up as “Incomplete”.

I’ve gone through every setting I can find in Stripe to turn-off ALL verification requirements or implementation checkmarks for using 3D Secure. They’re support team have all confirmed that there is nothing showing on their end that should be keeping these transactions from happening.

I’m waiting to hear back now from Gravity Forms support to see if there’s something that can be turned off on the GF end to make sure 3D Secure is NOT implemented on my forms.

Anyone experiencing anything like this or similar? Although denied by Stripe, I’m curious that if once a card has been used and denied in this way if it’s somehow remembered and triggered for any future transactions even if things are turned off as stated?

I really don’t want to have to start taking payments like this through PayPal again. Guess if my clients are okay with Venmo and Zelle I’ll keep using that (no fees!).

Stripe? More like STRIKE!