Problem with your submission : 3D authentication is required for your payment


I created several forms with Gravity Forms and the Gravity Forms Stripe extension. I tested them in Stripe’s Test mode, and everything worked fine. Since I switched to Stripe Production mode, the forms don’t work properly anymore.

The problem:
When I click on “Pay” to validate the form, the following error message appears: “An error occurred during your submission: 3D Secure authentication is required for this payment. Follow the insctructions on the page”. But there is no redirection to any 3D Secure window or anything. If I check my dashboard, I can see that the payment is ‘incomplete’.

I then refreshed the page to try another credit card, but I didn’t have to, as a new message appeared saying ‘your payment was successfully processed’. I checked the payment dashboard and the last payment was tagged as Successful…

Could you help me make this first error message disappear ?
Thanks !

I recommend opening a support ticket for this 3D Secure issue with the Stripe Add-On:

Thank you.

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