Support for Multiple accounts for Gravity Forms > Stripe Add-On [RESOLVED]


It would be extremely useful if the stripe add-on could support multiple stripe accounts, where different stripe accounts are implemented for different services provides who may share the same website.


That is on our list of requested features already. I’ll add your vote.

This would be most interesting also for us.

Do you think it’s going to be implemented?

I’ll add your vote @Langhedev

Hi All,

Any updates here? This is an important feature! :slight_smile:

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There are no updates at this time. It’s still on our list of requested features up for consideration.

Hi Chris,

Is there anywhere that we can see what features have priority over others… so that I can at least get an idea on whether this will be in the next 6 months, or some unknown period of time?


I’m afraid there is nothing like that at this time. The focus may change with each release cycle.

@kynetics @Langhedev the original Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On has supported this for years. Email me for a demo.

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Any update on ETA? This would be a great feature please. Please add my vote to this update.

The latest version of the Gravity Forms Stripe add-on (since version 2.8 on August 7, 2019) supports multiple Stripe accounts (you can override the account details at the feed level.)