Stripe Add-On w/ Multiple Accounts

We have a couple forms that collect money via Stripe. One of the forms needs to route the payment to a different Stripe account than the rest. The previous form builder held the Stripe API settings at the form level, so this was trivial, but Gravity Forms stores a single set, site-wide.

My assumption has been that I would have to override these values, programmatically, based on the form ID. I’ve found a couple hooks that get me access to the API key (gform_stripe_object) and the webhook signing secret (gform_stripe_webhook_signing_secret), but haven’t located the API secret.

I understand this isn’t a supported feature (yet), but is this at all possible? Am I on the right track?

This is not supported and it’s not currently possible to use two Stripe accounts with the Gravity Forms Stripe add-on.

Have you looked at the features of the third party Stripe add-on?

I believe it supports multiple Stripe accounts (based on this post from the plugin’s author).