Gravity Forms Stripe Payments Multiple Payments

We are wondering if there is a way with Gravity Forms and Stripe to create an option for multiple payments.

For example, if someone is paying $99 they can make 3 payments of $33 ideally one per month?

Essentially it’s like a subscription that just last 3 months. However, I’m not able to find any information about if / how this may work.


Hi Eric. If you configure a choice in the field for the payment plans, you can use multiple Stripe feeds and then use conditional logic on each feed. One feed will be a single purchase of $99. The other feed will be a subscription of $33 per month. It will have a billing cycle of one month, and you can use this method to end the subscription after 3 transactions:

If you have any other questions, please let us know, or contact support for assistance setting this up: Log In ‹ Gravity Forms — WordPress

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