Multiple Product Stripe Setup

Hi, I have a product with the following subscription payment requirements.

  • Monthly $29.99
  • Yearly $299

However on, the Stripe subscription, there is only one billing cycle.
How can I setup 2 billing cycle?

Hi. Do you mean two different Stripe accounts for different products? If so that’s doable with some code.

I don’t get the billing cycle thing though. Stripe process after a certain amount of days but not to a set day of the week!

1 Stripe account for 2 products. Which is

  • Monthly $29.99
  • Yearly $299

But on the Gravity form Stripe feed, there is only one billing cycle.

Ok - I see what you mean. Let me see if I can find a way around it.

Hi Julian. Only one feed will processed for each submission. Are you trying to give people the option to pay $29.99 per month OR $299 per year? If so, you need two Stripe feeds, one for annual and one for monthly, and on each Stripe feed conditional logic that determines which plan they are signed up for. The conditional logic will be based on the selection they made in the form, determining monthly or annually. If you need more assistance, support can help you set that up:

Thank you.