Can i use two stripe feeds?

I have a form that is using two stripe feeds.

  1. First feed is Transaction Type is products and services.
  2. The second feed is Transaction Type is Subscription.
    can I use two different feeds,
    The form is quite complicated in structure? It has three products with multiple options.
    I am facing a problem with payments.
    Please suggest to me the right way to do this.

Hello Makhan. Yes, you can do that with multiple feeds. Configure each feed to process exactly how you need the submission to be processed, and then use conditional logic on the bottom of the feed that checks some value or values in your form, and when the conditions match, you then process that feed.

If you have a Gravity Forms license already, please open a support ticket:

If you don’t have a license yet, please contact us here:

Please include the demo site login information, along with your requirement and we’ll take a look and explain what is possible. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply.
Is this possible to have one payment for two products one product is products and services and the second product is a subscription?

Hi Makhan. Setting up a subscription and selling a product in the same transaction is not currently supported. You can use the “setup fee” if you like for a single product purchase while the subscription is being processed. That will add a one-time charge which will be charged immediately when the form is submitted.

Setup Fee Enable a setup fee. This can be mapped to a pricing field on your form to charge an initial fee to start your subscription.

It’s covered in our documentation here and the setting can be found on your subscription feed:

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