Multiple stripe fields

I’m trying to have multiple stripe feeds on one form (so clients can choose between once-off and auto-renewal for membership)
In the GF doc ( it says “You can create multiple Stripe feeds for your form; however, you must configure conditional logic on them”.
I have setup conditional logic in the stripe in the feed settings page, and on the form in question, but there is nowhere in the stripe feed page that I can add a new feed, ie no Add Feed button.
Is there a trick I’m missing to be able to add another feed?

There should be a button at the top next to where it says “Stripe Feeds”

No - no button there at all, after I have 1 feed setup. So I can have 1 feed but NOT multiple.

I just checked on another site of mine and the NEW button is there on that one - so presumably must some conflict of some sort.
Bugger - pain to work out what the conflict will be.

Try the Debug add-on - it will let you perform the conflict test without affecting any site visitors:

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Hi - I tried that, thank you, but no conflicts.
What I did discover though is that in the main Stripe settings under Payment Collection Method,
that the “Add Feed” button was visible with

Gravity Forms Credit Card Field chosen

but NOT visible with either

Stripe Credit Card Field (Elements) or
Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout) chosen.

Is this how it is supposed to work?
If so, could you add it to your docs please (I’m assuming it’s not there - I couldn’t find it)

Many thanks