Stripe plugin - process multiple feeds for one transaction

Hi, I have a product with the following payment requirements -

  • Initial fee
  • Trial end fee - charged after 2 weeks from initial
  • 2 x 6 monthly payments, starting from end of 2 week trial

As it’s not possible to configure a feed with setup fee + trial period, I tried setting up 3 separate feeds for each of the payments above. Feeds are -
#1 - flat setup fee,
#2 - subscription with a 2 week trial period,
#3 - subscription with 194 (6mnt + 2wks) day trial period.

However, it appears that GF only processes the 1st matching feed from the feed list, i.e #1 in the case above.

Is there a possible way to process all 3 feeds for one transaction or some other way to achieve this particular flow? Thanks!

Only one Stripe feed per transaction is processed when the form is submitted. I don’t know of a way to do this, but I will leave the topic open in case someone has a suggestion. Thank you.