Connecting to multiple stripe accounts

There is previous discussion abotu this, but its from 3 years ago and was left unresolved…Has there been any update about being able to connect to different stripe accounts. in our case we have a donation page. we want people to be able to donate directly to the local or UK friends of, or US friends of. each with their own strpe account…

Hi Ben. You can override the Stripe account on the Stripe feed, which will allow you to use multiple feeds for your donation form. Use conditional logic on each feed so that when a specific friend of person you want to donate to is selected in the form, you process the correct feed, to send to that Stripe account.

If you need assistance setting that up, please see our documentation here or contact support:

Thank you.

Thank you, This will allow me to connect to completely separate accounts (not specific functions in one account) even though in the settings it is only connected to one specific account…so I can have a conditional that is set for US friends of, UK Friends of and Canada friends of…Each one of those having diffrent accounts/different API information?

Yes, that is how it works. You completely override the connect at the feed level. Give it a try by overriding one feed, and see how it works. Be sure you enable logging while testing to make sure things are happening as you expect: Logging and Debugging - Gravity Forms Documentation

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