Apple and google pay?

Super confused here… you have the option to check… Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout). but it doesn’t work? You say on your site google and apple pay compatible but then I can’t use beta 5.0?

Can you imagine how confusing that is for someone trying to get google pay and apple pay to work cause on the front end of your site it says you can accept payment that way.

There is a box to check for “Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout)” but it doesn’t work… very misleading also.

Be very clear and honest please… can I or can I not get apple and google pay to work for my customers to use?

If that is not the case, can I please get a date of when you plan to have it working. Please save me time and silly excuses. You’ve been in beta for a very long time now and it’s still not working.

Sounds like this belongs in the Get Help forum, maybe

When you say it doesn’t work - how so? What errors are logged or displayed, what appears when the form is rendered? Have you run compatibility tests? (ie. switch to basic theme, disable other plugins, etc.)

I can’t speak for the GF team but the community definitely needs more info to be able to assist :slight_smile:

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