Ultimate Member + Gravity Forms "Save" Button

I have a Wordpress site with Ultimate Member and Gravity Forms integrated. This allows users to fill out forms and have them saved to their account.

Currently, there is only a “submit” button on each form. This button saves the form, whether it is complete or not and triggers an email to the admin. This is great, but I also need a save button that does the exact same thing but does NOT trigger an email to admin.

I want users to be able to fill out forms partially and have an option to “save” to their member account and only use the “submit” button when the form is completed.

This is my development link ^

This was custom work I had done for the site as I’m a designer and not a developer. I’m hoping to be able to figure this out without having to pay for more custom work.

When looking into it, it looks like I could create a second “event” for a notification that doesn’t include an admin email being triggered. If possible or necessary, I could have this go to the user email to read something like “____ form has been saved to your account” < not necessary just an option.

Anyway, I’m pretty stuck on this and would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!

You can enable conditional logic for the submit button if you visit the forms settings.

You can also setup conditional notifications by clicking notifications.

If you’re using gravity flow your logic could be as simple as if form progress is complete do this or if form progress is not complete do this.

But if you aren’t using gravity flow you would need to select one of the last fields on the form and the logic would need to be if this field is not empty then send this notification or hide the submit button.

You could use the Save and Continue feature of Gravity forms to allow users, partially complete the form, save it and come back later to complete the form. By default when a user clicks on the button to save the data they have entered, Gravity forms will generate a link the user can use later to access the form with the data they have already completed. Also, the Admin notification isn’t sent when a user saves the data they have entered.

In addition to this, we have a snippet you would find in this tutorial documentation that automatically saves users’ data as they progress through a form and automatically repopulate that data when a logged-in user views a form. With this snippet, logged-in users can continue filling their form without using the Save and Continue link.


@samuel thanks for showing me up. Again. Lol. Glad you could help out.