Ticket reminder Notification

I have a form for creating internal tickets (awesome support) for a B2B application.

Is there a way based on a “time field” which is filled out by a department agent when the ticket is created for another department, e.g. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours, and so on, that an e-mail will be sent again to the agent after this time?

It should be a reminder to make sure the ticket is processed by a specific time.
Excuse my English. I hope you can understand the problem.

Your question is very clear Michael, as is my confidence that Gravity Flow has the functionality you need to turn your form for creating internal tickets into a robust way to track issues from creation to closure!

The specific feature you are looking for relates to Scheduling a step based on a date/time field in your form. But using Approval Steps (to acknowledge issue by a team) or User Input steps (to update the status or resolution) will probably be of interest as well. These user/role assignee based steps can go a long way to getting users out of managing their workload based on a shared email box to a task/team specific inbox on your website that is always up to date as tasks are completed. However, any of the assignee email notifications can also set a single or repeating reminder to ensure it’s top of e-mailbox for those who still prefer that pattern :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hi Jamie,
thanks for your detailed explanation. I will definitely have a look at your tool. Do you think it’s also possible to have just a “list” with 30,60,120,180 minutes (the value field will hold the numbers) and this value will be used as “Start this step” input?
Maybe l need a “current date/time” which adds the value and passes it to “start this step”.

I’d probably suggest a dropdown field instead of list and using the gravityflow_step_schedule_timestamp to apply its’ value onto the timestamp for the entry creation to determine step start delay, but it should be very doable yes.

Thanks again, I will have a look at this. If I have any questions I will come back to you.

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