Alerts scheduler [RESOLVED]

Hello all,

I am interested to create a form where I will be collecting names, address, tax return year and also to have an option to indicate when each client should be notified by email to submit their tax return.

I would be able to indicate alert date/time in the form. So the alert is different for each entry.

Can you help or advice how to achieve this?

Many thanks.

Hi Ahm,

To confirm, would you like to trigger an email to send at a specific time or date? I’m uncertain about the question. Can you provide more details, including a screenshot for clarification?

What help do you expect?
Actually, the stuff you are asking would involve development efforts.


Thank you for your replies. Please find attached screenshot.

Thank you.

Hi Ahm,

This should be possible with our GP Notification Scheduler Perk. The perk allows you to set up a notification which would be schedule based on a date field value. Please check out the documentation for more details and let us know via our support form if you have any questions.

Hi Samuel,

This is exactly what I need. Many thanks for this.

Best wishes,