Disable or delete or reschedule notifications [RESOLVED]

How do I delete and/or reschedule notifications on a form that has already been submitted?
It is supposed to send the notifications out based on a future date that is set in the form. I have modified this date and rescheduled the notifications but they are still scheduled to send based on the original schedule.

I need to just delete these notifications and reschedule them but there appears to be no way to delete them.

Hi Krystal. What are you using to schedule the notification for a later date/time?

Hey Krystal, if you’re using our Notification Scheduler perk, we have some information on rescheduling notifications here:

I honestly have no idea what I am using there are so many add-ons for this form. I have a GravityPerks subscription so maybe it is that?
I attached a screenshot.

Thanks for the tip David as I mentioned I did reschedule them. It looks like it took now but did update in the list immediately.

I did find a way to individually delete emails one by one. Tedious but it worked.