Delay Email Notifications [RESOLVED]

Does anyone know how to delay an email notification by say 60 seconds. We are using gravity forms for account creation and part of the process includes a chron job that is scheduled to run every minute to sync accounts. Wondering if there is a way to delay outbound email notifications by a minute to allow this process to complete.

Our problem is that a user could complete an account, check their email and click a link to return inside of the time needed to complete the chron job.

any help or feedback is appreciated

Hi Craig. There is no setting in Gravity Forms that will delay the notification. There was a plugin developed to do this:

Or you may want to look in to syncing the accounts after the user is registered, rather than relying on a cron job every minute. This hook can be used to “do something” after a user is registered:

Zapier can also add a delay before a zap, if you wanted to have Zapier send the email after some delay:

Chris - this is awesome. thank you and thanks for the prompt response.

Much appreciated.

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