Terms and Conditions html doesn't work with Elementor Section [RESOLVED]

I’ve put this code into my “edit choices” area on the checkbox block in the gravity form builder in wordpress:

I agree to the Terms & Conditions

It works fine in preview. (I can see the link) but doesn’t work when placed on the live page: https://craftedhomeplans.com/purchase-plans-01/
(edit) now I notice the box is uncheckable as well.

Strangely if I put something below the checkbox for instance an html block or a piece of text with the same code, the checkbox link works, but the html block does not… and it’s not consistent. Sometimes the html block works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This page is without any additional blocks or text. Doesn’t work.

This page is working, but only if I add a description. (which has the same link code, but doesn’t work, along with the html block below it… which also doesn’t work)
(edit) this box is checkable.

The form is being styled partially by html in the checkbox blocks in the gravity form builder, and by using the Essential Addons Gravity Form Widget which offers a lot of styling choices and makes my life a lot easier since I’m not terribly good with html or with css.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I can solve this by adding another section below the form (or maybe styling the description so the text is invisible) - Adding a link via the text widget into the section and putting it where I need it to go using padding, but it seems like putting the code into the GF Builder should work? Why is the link dead sometimes and not others? the other html is working fine. I’d like the terms and conditions link to be a hyperlink with a no_target tag, but so far it’s giving me fits.

(Solved) - The elementor sections were overlapping (I changed the margin for layout purposes) so the z-index had to be changed. See how to do it here: