Auto Update to 2.5.3 broke conditional logic?

A client called about a broken form. This form has been working fine for years, and there were submissions yesterday so it was working then. Today however the page just rendered blank where the form should be. We started recreating the form, and found that as soon as we added a field with conditional logic… the form would break (show blank on the page). I then started checking other clients forms with coditinoal logic and found the same thing. I’ve checked forms on different hositng providers and the behavior is the same. Forms with conditional logic don’t render. The page is blank where the form should be. I made a new form with only 2 fields. A radio button and a text field. When no conditional logic is applied it renders fine, but as soon as i set the test field to show only when the “yes” is selected on the radio button the form goes blank. Is anyone else seeing this?

PS this definitely looks like an issue with an update because we pulled a site backup from 2 days ago and uploaded the version of GF that was on the site that day, and the form with conditional logic started working again.

Upon further troubleshooting, we have found this issue specifically with the websites that “auto-updated” to 2.5.3. We are using various Genesis themes and Beaver Builder. We found that manually uploading the latest version of Gravity Forms which is (and not 2.5.3) is fixing this issue for us…still going through about 50 websites where Gravity Forms “auto-updated”. Not sure why the auto-update did not update to — ?

Yep it defiantly broke stuff! They should push the hot fix ASAP!

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They have just rolled out an update, login to site > go to form settings > press save and you can then update via the admincp

2.5.4 | 2021-05-27

1 Like Still not working with Elementor Popups still not working on WordPress 2.7.2 with Oxygen Builder (no theme).

I’ve tested the three sites I have it working with a conditional between a “Invoice me” checkbox and a CC field… CC field fails when Invoice me clicked (and hiding the CC forms) as it appears to submit the CC form and since there is no “value” in the field, Stripe reports an error.

Even putting the “legacy forms” back to true isn’t resolving the issue with 2.5.2 through

I also am having the same issue with Elementor Popups and Gravity Forms with Conditional Logic. (Hello Theme)

Hi Sayso. That sounds like a different issue than was posted about before. Can you open a new topic here please, or open a support ticket?

I will say that Gravity Forms does not support embedding in an Elementor Popup. We support embedding via shortcode or Form Block or via a PHP function in a Page, Post or Widget. Any other use would require additional work on the part of that solution (in this case, Elementor Popup) to ensure the necessary scripts and styles are loaded. It’s possible that this software needs to be updated to work with the latest Gravity Forms release. Thank you.

@Matt_MX Did you ever figure out if GF 2.5+ with conditional logic in an Elementor popup can work?