Conditional Logic hides form in Elementor Pop up


I have a form that hides when in a pop up
and need help to show the form ( obviously lol )
The form uses conditional logic and when not in use it works. but when i have at least 1 conditional logic the whole form hides in the pop up

When on a page it works fine as you can see on the link

you can view both the button “submit entries here” and the GF underneath here at Your Bookings - Host Events & Weddings

Im running Elementor Pro and using Elementor pop up button

TIA :slight_smile:

Hello. Gravity Forms supports embedding the form in a page, post or widget using the Gravity Forms shortcode, block or PHP code. Any other methods of embedding are not supported, and if you use another method (like the Elementor popup) that method will need to ensure it loads all the proper scripts for Gravity Forms to work. In this case, it sounds like the popup does not load all the proper scripts, so a form with conditional logic does not show up.

I recommend contacting Elementor support of support for the Elementor Pro plugin, whichever provides support for the popup. Thank you.

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